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Recommended reading:

Barry Lyons - The Cancer Cure that Worked
Robert O. Becker - The Body Electric
Gerber - Vibrational Medicine

Medical papers on Rife Technology:

Disruption of Cancer Cell Replication by Alternating Electric Fields

Eilon D. Kirson1, Zoya Gurvich2, Rosa Schneiderman2, Erez Dekel3, Aviran Itzhaki4, Yoram Wasserman1,4, Rachel Schatzberger2 and Yoram Palti2

Wall PD. The discovery of TENS. Physiotherapy, 1985; 71 (8): 348-350

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Links to other Rife Web Pages:

Rife Conference

Rife Information Forum - Europe
Excellent and informative site on Rife

Rife Plasma Digest/Rife Org
A site which contains information and articles about Rife and his work

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